What did they do before the internet?
On The 329th Day of the 2007th Year DrDaMour Wrote
Back in college a great friend of mine used to always say What did they do before the internet? This usually came about after we settled a bet about which track a song exactly was on an album, or who commercialized ice picks.

Today i had another great what did they do before the internet moment, and i just had to share.

I got this new receiver a few months back, the STR-DE898. It's pretty nice, but i got it only because it was a steal on ebay for less than $200. It had a few problems though, first no HDMI, second only 2 component ins (so my WII and Cable box beat out by DVD), and finally, my universal remonster couldn't control it, no matter what codes i tried.

Well, i found this post about a guy having the same problem which linked to this post about how to change the sony command modes which got everything working exactly as it should.

i NEVER would have figured this out without the internet. What did people do before the internet?
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