Bachlor Party
On The 166th Day of the 2009th Year DrDaMour Wrote
for most of my life i've tried to be a generous friend. It may not always exactly equate to money, but none of my friends have had to cover very much when they hang out with me or need help.

so now i have bachelor party coming up. It's gonna be pretty awesome, cause i'm indirectly directing it. shit is going to happen, that you can't even imagine, only because what's going to happen is the type of thing that you never knew you wanted, but once you hear about it, you're gonna be like, wow, i wanna do that.

But, dozens of friends are being total assholes when it comes to it. why? i dunno....recession? depression? cheapness? lameness? i dunno. I may catch a ton of flack for this post, i may lose friends, but....jesus, if any of my friends asked for 100$ for their first bachelor party (and in my case only, which everyone knows) they'd get 200$, immediately. even if i couldn't make it.

maybe i'm just being a bitch, but some of the way people have responded really pisses me off. I mean, seriously, this is going to happen once, ever, in your entire lifetime, You can't shed a few dollars from the extra budget for it?

For those who didn't think twice, i thank you. It doesn't mean you are better friends, but it does mean i respect you as a person more.

And if anyone wants to get involved, get a hold of me, cause trust me, this is gonna be unique.
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