That 9 Mile House is Famous
On The 254th Day of the 2012th Year DrDaMour Wrote
If you live around novi and have ever crossed the intersection at 9 mile rd & novi rd you've probably seen this house:

It's on the north west corner, it's super mod and had a lot of water damage when it hit the market about a year ago because it's a flat roof in michigan!

So i was super surprised to find in one of my blogs an article that they had built a lego model of that exact house:

You can see more about it at Lego.com.

That's pretty cool, a house so popular they built a lego model after it, man i wish i had bought it!

But there's of course more to the story. The model is named Villa Savoie because that's the name of the original house built back in the 20's in france:

You can read more about that model at wikipedia.org.

It is of course interesting to note that the original suffered from water damage as well. Very cool that someone replicated it, but what a flawed concept.

Finally, i can't find the old MLS listing text for the house (those things go down the memory hole fast the most recent i could find was at http://www.realestateone.com/homes/210032382_MIRC-43420_9_Mile_Rd_W-Novi-MI-48375) but it didn't mention anything about this which i find rather comical.
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